Thursday, 30 March 2017



What's up you guys ! Have you read my latest entry about one of my historical day AKA SPM result giveaway? If you dont , then click the hyperlink down below.

So today , I want to exposed my 2016 sketch book *bukan main haha* nah , actually I want to show some of my artwork/doodles that I made in 2016 . There's some people asking me what kind of sketch book that I use for all my drawing . I usually don't stick to one brand like others artists because what important for me is the quality of the paper . So , my 2016 sketch book I bought it from Popular and the size is A5 . I don't really like draw in a big size of paper because it will lead me to procrastinate to finish the drawing . It's cost me around RM10 or less *dah lupa* . I not sure if it's available in every Popular branches but one thing that I acknowledge is every Popular that I have been had a different type of sketch book . So , my advice if you want to buy one just make sure the thickness of the paper is good enough to you use all the pens that you have because if you buy a sketch book that have below 100 gsm , the ink will get through the pages . For me , I'd choose a sketch book that have 200 gsm and above eventhough it's a little bit pricey.

This is my last year sketch book . Sorry for my really "good" idea to cover up the cover so you guys can't see what type it is.

Without further a due , lets we get started . Oh , little infomation I bought this sketch book 1 week *rasanya* before I sat for my Trial SPM . So most of the time i will draw instead of doing revision *haha* . I'm not gonna show you all of my artwork from this sketch book but I will pick the best of the best *because most of my artwork looked horrendous >_< * 

This is actually one of my #inktober drawing and this is day 3

 This also is my #inktober drawing and this was day 5

pretty Lit ha? I just discovered the term so I doodled it . #inktober day 4

 This is special because it's my twin sister name and for those who named Masturah.

 I made this when I was at home and didn't go to school because I had fever . My school's iconic building . You can google it SMK Sultan Yussuf.

 Again my sister! I loved them so I made them in a doodle version . Please forgive me for the weird body posture , hand gesture because I just failed on that SMH

 When you got Masturah you have to get Maisarah too ! My other twin sister name and for those who named Maisarah too . 

I really like this artwork because I made it 25 days before SPM where usually other student are currently with their book in their hands * ke tak? haha *

 This one very random , I was at Seremban and didn't have internet connection so what should I do? Draw

This is last artwork and I made it on school holiday last year . Nothing special about it.

I think that's all about my enrty for this time . Actually I do have a few more artwork/doodles form 2016 sketch book but I just think that it will be hard for you guys load all the picture if I put all them together . So , if you like these type of entry please give a comment down below and tell me which one is your favourite so I know people actually like this and I gonna make the part 2.

Assalamualaikum n bye peeps!

p/s : Click HERE to see my previous artwork  that I made.


  1. Bangunan sekolah tu lawaaa 😍 Eh tak, semua lawaaaa

  2. Waaaaaa you're really talented bro! keep doodling! :)
    I hope you could be somebody in the future.