Friday, 16 December 2016

Current Jam #1


Ok , so this entry is gonna be very random . I just want to share with you guys my current jam that I keep listening while I'm in the car or even before going to bed . So number one is Dangerously by Charlie Puth.

the music video

Basically this song is about a guy that really hope for love from the woman that he like and he would do anything for the woman but sadly he got rejected or they got into hard time and at the end of the day the broke up . Idk ,  that is what I understand from the MV . Anyway the main reason why I really like this song is because of the melody and it have a really deep meaning . You can check it out the MV on youtube .  I personally lowkey fanboying over Charlie Puth , I mean who doesn't , right? 

This song is from his brand new album "Nine Track Mind" . The album have 14 songs overall and its awesome . I recommended to you guys buy the album and listen to it. Guarantee no regret.

Go and buy now!

My second song that had been stucked in my head for this moment is from Ruth B "In My Dreams" . This song is really gooood , its more better than you know shitty pop song that using autotune and all just about sex . You know what I talking about right? Oh ya this song is a new single from Ruth B after her debut EP "The Intro" that contain her hit "Lost Boy" . The official MV is not coming out yet , but you guys can check it out the lyric version of the song on her youtube channel.

For those who didn't know who Ruth B is , She started her singing career from Vine by making six second song covers . For more information you can google it *jangan malas* I think thats all for today and yeah dont forget to listen these two song and let me know if you guys like it on my instagram @zakieazid .

Assalamualaikum n bye peeps!

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  1. the MV are pretty good tho. charlie puth's voice is amazing as always :)