Tuesday, 6 December 2016

SPM 2016 I'M DONE!


First of all , I really feel blessed because SPM 2016 just come to the end . For those who didn't know , I had hiatus from my doodling activities , blogging just because to focus on SPM . So yeah , it have been a really long time not touching this keyboard and typing continuosly for my entry.

My SPM was started on 7 November and the first subject were Bahasa Malaysia 1 , Bahasa Malaysia 2 and Pendidikan Seni 1 . Yeah , everythings went really well and everybody not stressing about it . But , its for only for the day 1 . There's a lot of dramas and confession all about SPM this year . You guys can check em out at twitter by hashtag #SPM2016 . I had a blast time by reading all the tweets about SPM's question for everyday .  Like example , if the question of the day had involve something that we are never learn about it , then all the student will tweeting a funny tweet about the question. Here's some example...

Others people will not get it unless you all see the question . So continue , everything were going smoothly as I predict it will be except for Mathematic's paper . Both paper , 1 and 2 . I was really upset after answering the question , at least I try my best . First of all , you all need to know that I HATE math so much . But for this SPM I try my best , work my ass to get this subject at least credit when the result out . Unfortunately , everything just not going as what i expected .

What are you expect from a boy who didn't like MATH ? so I just do excersie according to what my teacher gave me . She gave all the question that regulary came out for SPM . But , the actual question that come out is completely different , of course not all of em but it still affect me tho.  Nevermind , I had try my best and just hope the person who will check my paper will be nice to it . 

To be honest there are only a few papers that I really confident when I answering it. One of them is Pendidikan Seni . I really put my hardwork into Seni's paper especially for the paper 2 . For paper 1 , there's nothing much to talk about but I got a lot things to talk about paper 2. So , the question came out 1 week early before I sat for the exam so we all can practice drawing , colouring etc . For those who didn't know , Pendidikan Seni 2 is the paper that need candidates to draw , colour ( make a complete drawing ) There were given 6 question all of it and my choice was question number 2 . Which is this one...

sorry for the bad quality pic

This is my original idea and I'm happy with the outcome . I had to consult with my art teacher to choose which question is suitable with me . Sooo taraaaa that it is . *hambar* It pretty nice huh?

Back to the main reason why I making this entry . *wait , i dont have any reason* . Ok , so my last paper was Information Communication and Technology (ICT) was yesterday . All ict candidates have a really long gap like 10 days before the exam . My ict teacher held an extra class for the entire week just to make sure that we are prepared enough to sit for the paper. The moment when pengawas peperiksaan annouce....

"Masa menjawab telah tamat dah awak boleh keluar sekarang"

There's nothing much I can describe , I am really relieved because everything is over now. Here some picture we take after the paper

Semua berhimpit , nasib baik bawak fish eye lens . lol  , and this is all the muka-muka yang freedom lambat.

guess which one is me ? muehehehehe . btw this is my class 5IT

I think thats all for now , till me meet again in the other entry. Bye peeps!

Random : Last week I got a chance to watch Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them . The movie is LIT guys! recommend to watch.


  1. hai . sebatch la kita :) lol.
    dah lama sangat pause blogging sebab spm punya pasal ntah bila nak start balik ni . huhuhu .
    visit blog saya ? :)
    The Talking Diary
    keep in touch :)

    1. thanks sebab sudi komen , tak sangka masih ada orang baca blog ni..hehe..